• How often are T.L.C. and Yoga sessions?

The frequency of T.L.C. and Yoga sessions ranges based on your needs. Starting with connection in 1 Clarity Call (The Lucid). For sustainable transformation we recommend ongoing sessions. We offer  Sessions Bundle of 8 sessions that can be used at anytime throughout the year. Or experience 12 weekly  sessions for 3 months. Or experience 26 bi-weekly sessions for one year. Choose the engagement that makes sense for your lifestyle and schedule. 

  • Location of offerings:

Worldwide sessions take place via Telephone, Zoom, FaceTime. Or local sessions in client's Home or Chosen Location for a travel fee, and only in the states of Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. 

  • What can I expect during a T.L.C. or Yoga session?

All sessions are confidential. We will co-create a safe space to discuss an area or areas of your life you feel stress or confusion. From there we will choose from a variety of tools to dive deeper into the thinking and beliefs behind the area of stress. These tools will reveal blindspots and mental and emotional obstacles often times we can not see on our own. You'll leave each session with new tools to navigate through your life with greater clarity on the steps ahead. Most of all, with each session you will know yourself deeper and more profoundly. You will come home to yourself.

  • What is T.L.C. (Transformational Life Coach)?

A Transformational Life Coach can help you see clearly where your life is right now, create a vision for where you want your life to go, and make a plan to get you to your destination. When your coach has a good understanding of what you want, they will help you, guide you, and facilitate the process of achieving your goals and dreams. They will collaborate with you and provide the support you need.

  • Why experience T.L.C.?

A Transformational Life Coach will not tell you what to do with your life. Their job is to facilitate your goals, not push their ideas on you. They’ll challenge your pre-conceived notions about what is possible and what you are capable of. They’ll encourage you to do the things you want to do, but never thought you could. When difficult situations arise, your life coach will be someone to whom you can turn for guidance, advice, support, and accountability to live by your principles.

  • What approach to T.L.C. do you use?

The coaching methods I practice are spiritual and transformational techniques based in coaching with spirit, integrative health, holistic healing, the universal laws of quantum physics and Internal Family Systems. We will start the work at your comfort level, whether you are looking for more practical tools for everyday challenges or deeper exploration of subconscious blocks. Many clients are surprised by the depth of the work and feel profound shifts in only one or two sessions, releasing stagnant emotion and energy.

  • Difference between T.L.C. and Therapists:

A Transformational Life Coach is not a therapist. T.L.C. focus primarily on the future and how to help you attain your goals, while therapists focus primarily on the past. T.L.C. does not help with deep rooted psychological problems or mental illnesses, and they cannot prescribe medicine. You share your story with therapists, however in T.L.C. we can transform and heal without these details. While the two professions overlap and practitioners may use some similar techniques, a T.L.C. is better suited to help you look to the future and achieve your goals. T.L.C. is for a functioning individual to preform at optimal levels. If you do have a mental illness or disorder, you may want to work with both a Therapist and a T.L.C. simultaneously.

  • What does a T.L.C. do in a session?

A T.L.C. will ask you deep and meaningful questions to help you identify what you really want in life. They will also ask you to probe deeper and discover what habits or beliefs are holding you back from achieving this vision for yourself. Together, you will develop an action plan of real, attainable steps to move you closer to your vision. You’ll also check in with your T.L.C. on a regular basis, as your accountability partner.

  • Price-wise what is coaching worth?

You can not put a price on happiness, confidence, fulfillment, and having the amazing life you’ve always desired. If you’re unhappy and unhealthy with the quality of your life, restless because you know you could take your life to the next level -imagine staying where you are for the next 20, 30, or 40 years. You’ve already tried to change on your own and it didn’t work. Let T.L.C. support you. T.L.C. is priceless with the connection and drive to finally be alive again. 

  • How should I prepare for a coaching session?

Not much preparation is needed. On the day of our session just be sure you have a safe, quiet space free from distractions and noise so you can get the most out of our time together. The healing process will take care of the rest! I also encourage clients if it's possible to have at least 10-15 minutes free after the session to spend either in silence or to take a walk, so you can process the work before going back to regular activities. 


  • Following the International Coach Federation, I pledge to comply with the ICF Code of Ethics in all coaching, coach training, coach mentoring, and coach supervisory activities.  ICF Code of Ethics discover here.
  • I maintain the strictest confidentiality with clients and coaches in sessions,  in training, including the fact that they are working with me. I keep all records and payment information confidential, secure, and private.
  • I seek to avoid conflicts of interest and potential conflicts of interest.
  • I respect the client's right to terminate the coaching relationship at any point during the process, subject to the provisions of our agreement. 
  • I am alert to indications that the client is no longer benefiting from our coaching relationship. And I suggest that clients seek the services of other professionals when I believe that is necessary or appropriate.