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Becoming Daily's mission is for you to Grow and Glow.

Becoming Daily is your resource to authentic becoming: the art of selfish selflessness. 

Allow yourself to be seen. Presently soak up juices of now while being detached to attachments and expectations. Finally allow your Self to be selfish, to take care of your Self for once and forever. When the Self is taken care of you can better take care of others. Taking care of yourself is also taking care of others. We can not give from an empty cup. So find what fills your cup. Fill it till it overflows. Your health, love, happiness, wealth, creates more in the world. 

Feeling lost, haven't known how to start? Use Becoming Daily.

Becoming Daily's mission is to deliver vital integrative and holistic information, products and services with the intent to accompany you as you open your eyes and minds on this journey of mind-body connection. Becoming Daily guides you as you internalize that you have been holding power your whole entire life. You are powerful. Becoming Daily inspires you to tune in, channel into your senses to feel, hear, listen, see, taste your present reality. Taste it like it is your first and last time.  Becoming Daily delivers information, products and services with the soul intent to nourish you in this life of constant change. Striving to bring balance, health and happiness to your body, mind and soul with yogic, holistic and sustainable influences. Becoming daily provides tools that can always be of use. These tools simply need to be learned, then you will have them forever.

Becoming daily is here to support you through your cycles of 

:.  schaf  .:.  kamel  .:.  löwe  .:.  kind  .:.  übermensch   .:.  endlos  .:

Formula for human greatness:

Nietzsche, a famous german philosopher, created the transformative cycles mentioned above (more detail below) in his must-read life-changing book Thus Spoke Zarathustra. He also wrote a formula for the mission to human greatness:

 AMOR FATI: one wants to have nothing different, not forward, not backward, not in all eternity. Not merely to bear the necessary, still less to conceal it—all idealism is mendacious before the necessary—but to love it.

in layman terms, one wants nothing different, not concerned with past or future, fully in the present, in love, fully in love with the present, pure love. 



herd of sheep on top of mountains over water

1. Schaf | Sheep | Seed

The Schaf is a sheep, or I like to say seed. Mindless in motions, surrounding situations control choices.  In this stage, the Schaf is rather invisible and unremarkable. It represents humans who live passively, take no risks and fear discomfort more than anything. You are a creature of routine and safety whose purpose is to get by. Sadly, many seem to live in such paradigms: people who approach life as victims or who don’t take responsibility for themselves. They live a resigned and fearful existence. 

Alone, feeling lost? Left in the dark, scared to move? Or just going through the motions, stuck in societal habitual routines? Waiting until retirement to actually live?

Welcome to phase one. We all have to become aware of this position. It may feel like a numbed end, but I promise you this is the beginning. Rather than lost, weighted down and buried, think of yourself as a seed. My dear you have been planted. Seemly surrounded by useless dark soil yet, this darkness is oozing with nutrients to nourish you. It is hard to see, you are buried in so deep, stuck, unable to move even with so much potential. 

This is the bottom. This is the beginning.  This is the foundation. This is your womb. Take a moment to be soft and submissive with your surroundings, you are highly dependent on this environment. Allow it to come in.

The majority of the population lives as a Schaf, unknowingly, like a fish flowing with a stream. Will you continue to let the water passively choose where you'll go in life? Or will you give it everything you got to turn around, fight to swim against the tide (your habitual and societal  ways)? You may have quickly glanced at two paths before: 1) to live your dreams, do what a voice inside you says, but gosh this will be so, so hard so you chose  2) do what everyone else is doing, because its normal and easy.

This stage is the normal easy life, are you willing to admit that this is where you are? The first step to transformation is to become aware of where we are.

To grow, the Spirit has to transcend this paradigm by rising to the challenges of the world with courage and power. Only then will it undergo its first transformation. Will you let your seed dry up in the dirt or will you water it?


herd of camels on beach

2. Kamel | Camel | Germinate 

The Kamel is a carrier, a beast of burden. It voluntary takes on weight to see its limits and isn't intimidated by discomfort. The Kamel is not merely getting by, to the contrary, it demands the maximum out of itself. It yearns for more than the comforts of a safe and predictable life. Taking the challenges of life head on. Yet, the Camel is still limited by its inability to destroy and create. Despite its courage and strength, it bows down and out of a sense of duty, accepts the weights placed upon it. These weights are what the Kamel is supposed to do. 

Imagine a world unweighted with outside "supposed to dos" ...

Faced with these responsibilities, the Kamel is eager to show its skills and knowledge. Although it has faith in its capabilities, the Kamel doesn’t question the values and obligations imposed upon it. I see the Kamel as an accomplished person who still lives in the “Matrix”. Whereas the Schaf is lost, the Kamel “wins”. Yet, the Kamel is similar to the Schaf in that it doesn’t challenge the rules. Both live in the same jail.

Being an enthusiastic seeker, the Kamel explores, learns and experiences this jail (or the “Matrix”) to its full extent, but doesn’t escape it. If it fails to question the fundamental assumption of its world, the Kamel could spend its whole life jumping through imaginary hoops, becoming nothing more than the “emperor of its own jail”.

I like to see the Kamel as Germination. The Kamel, like the Scahf, like the Seed, is in a jail of soiled darkness. This is the opportunity to root into existence and develop after a period of dormancy; but only if we allow it.

Do you long for truth? Independence? Freedom? Authenticity?

If so, you can wake up from this state and realize the pointlessness of living according to values and paradigms that are not your own. Realizing that you are not free, the Kamel begins its following transformation. 


powerful lion

3. Löwe | Lion | Shoot

The Löwe craves freedom above all else. Unlike the Kamel, the Löwe sees that nothing stops him from rejecting moral codes and duties.

Determined to get liberated from external values, obligations and assumptions. Ready to fight for freedom, the Löwe discovers that what it held as true and good is nothing but a reflection of what others led one to believe. The Löwe thus begins destroying 

what others have built up inside of them. Now realizing that nothing can stop it from imposing it's own will upon the world. 

Despite having eliminated all hurdles, the Löwe's existence still depends on existing structures. This stage is reactive because the Löwe only exerts power against what already exists. It's freedom is negative in nature; free from the jail, but doesn’t know how to live without it. It's existence, so far, has been either for the jail as a Kamel or against the jail as a Löwe. The Löwe has never lived for itself.

Escape from systems and expectations created by others. Become aware of the chains and constraints that come with seemingly harmless worldly pursuits.

To truly break free of slavery, it has to completely let go of the idea of the jail and create its own fresh and innocent existence without it. If the Löwe continues defining itself in opposition to the jail it escaped, the Löwe will get stuck, being just as controlled by it as if still imprisoned. The Löwe is a means for something greater, not an end in itself. 

I refer to the Löwe as the shoot, having many meanings. The first is to kill the jail and its self image. The second meaning is to grow upward, shoot out of the jail, out of the darkness into the light to bloom.

Eliminate physical and mental burdens. Not limited by external circumstances, whether it be obligations, commitments or money creates space to find profound freedom. 

Having destroyed the jail, the Löwe is left with emptiness. To transform to the next stage of a Kind, the Löwe has to let go of this process of destruction and stop saying “no”. It must create it's own new meaning from emptiness. Instead of reactive, the Löwe has to become proactive.


superman child

4. Kind | Child | Pollinate 

Once the Löwe has acquired freedom by rejecting the influences of the world, it has to forget the past and move on to a new beginning; becoming a Kind. Seeing life as a joyful game, the Kind uses the emptiness left by the Löwe to create it's own meaning.

The Kind is not seeking for external answers or approval. Unconcerned with the worries and expectations of the earlier stages, it is affirmative, confident and just doesn’t give a */$%

The Kind’s life is not a reactive battle against external forces anymore. Instead, it continuously creates it's own reality out of a state of play and cheerfulness. The kind is not interested in solidifying “identity” or its newly created values; it perpetually lets them go and builds new ones.

This stage's ideal of returning to a state of playful and empowered childhood. It is inevitable that each transition will struggle with challenges. The habits developed as a Löwe help break free from what was limiting, but now these habits are limiting in the Kind stage. 

After a long journey of growth into now a brilliant free authentic organism, I recognize this Kind stage as pollination. It is now time to transfer your golden honey, your substance, your pollen to every other living organism. To share, to procreate a worthwhile future with purpose. 

Look forward to using this precious freedom to create a fresh and empowered life.


divine hands facing the sun

5. Übermensch | Overman | Ripe

The Übermensch is any individual with superior potential whom completely masters their self and strikes off conventional “sheep herd morality” to create their own values, which are completely rooted in present life on this earth, now.

The Übermensch is the person who is able to break from the illusion. Basically, the Übermensch recognizes that society's definition of morality is biased and socially-constructed. So, does this mean that the Übermensch is amoral, or has no moral code? Absolutely not. Rather than accept the morality dictated by institutions like the church, family, community, etc., the Übermensch creates his own morality, based on his own experiences which is grounded in this secular physical world. It is this superpower, the ability to see past the illusion, which creates an Übermensch and makes this person a superior being.

Living by their own moral code gives the Übermensch a deep sense of morality, a steadfast purpose. After mastering their Self, this individual can now properly go and help others. In this enlightened position, the Übermensch is dedicated solely to the advancement and betterment of humanity. In fact, as the Übermensch is aware of the suffering of existence, and is even willing to sacrifice its own Self in order to help improve humanity. Over time, the Übermensch will help other people break from the bonds of institutional morality and thus become a figure who impacts history forever. In fact, Nietzsche defined humans as being the link, the middle point between animals and the Übermensch. Humanity was caught in a constant struggle between animalistic instincts and a pull towards this more perfect existence.


stars in the night sky

6. Endlos | Endless | ∞ 

This transformational journey is not a one-way map, but rather as a cyclical and fractal process of awareness, destruction and creation. At some point, the Kind may realize its becoming a Kamel by clinging to some identity. At that point, it’ll have to transform into a Löwe to break free again, and therefore resume creating as a Kind. 

The ultimate expression of a life-affirming attitude is to want this life, with all its pain, boredom, frustration, fleeing pleasure, again and again. There is no end to time. There is no end to this life. There is no end in these stages to the Übermensch. The only guarantee in life is change, is movement, is this cycle.  In every moment ask 'Do I desire this once more and innumerable times more?' This is an off-putting thought, most likely whatever you're doing your answer is no. So, then why are you doing it? 

Eventually, though, this thought of eternal recurrence is a joyful truth, one that should be embraced by anyone who lives life to the fullest to one whom is present, whom savors their senses and makes use of every moment. The eternal recurrence is presented as a sort of thought experiment, a test of one's attitude toward life.