Everyday we face thousands of thoughts and choices . . .

. . . creating experiences that promote or decline our future health: 

Environmentally, Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually. 

Ultimately we choose to an act on love or in fear, which shapes us into who we are Becoming Daily. The heart and soul of Becoming Daily is the process of your Self transforming. You are always becoming, self transforming, adapting, flowing with, transitioning into all that you are meant to be with the choices you've chosen. We must recognize that this is an infinite process. We as a whole are in a constant state of change. There is never a final moment or a final complete "you". You will never one day be done or finished with yourself, just poof and become all that you want to be. You must work to become who you want to be. When that moment is perceived as being achieved, the universal law of change will come around and tweak things again for you.  

We can not freeze moments in time and we should not want to. Freezing time means no change, which would indicate a static state, in other words, death, boredom, sickness. So many people are living dead. There will always be work to be done and you can either infinitely progress or regress. Remember, this is a forever process. It is necessary to realize that this is life and life is change. If there is no change life would be static. 

A static life is a dead life.

Are you living dead?

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sunset over mountains


In modern times we have a 

wealth of food, information and services. 

It is hard to believe that there are 

so many ailments and sufferings in all of our

 lives. Have you noticed that people are more 

often then not, unhappy and unhealthy?

Are you? 

The average person is constantly fatigued, tired living with many stressors. 

Environmentally, physically, mentally and emotionally unstable, ultimately leading to even more poor choices. While it is all too common to pop a pill or have a quick surgery in attempts to solve a problem. When in fact, you are doing just the opposite. You are not solving any problems like this, all of your issues are still here, festering.

You are only putting Band-Aids on your issues, 

enabling them to sit, simmer and come back even stronger with a vengeance. This is not a long term solution, it only makes it easier for these issues to reoccur time and time again. We can look at your Self like a garden. Think of your problems as weeds, they must be removed. You need to identify your weeds at the root and pull them all out to prevent the weeds from growing back. Once this is done you have to continuously tend to your garden, making sure no new weeds sneak in.


sunshine brings light to life's problems finding a solution

The most important lesson to learn is that

you have the power within your Self 

to live a wholesome life full of quality. 

You can gain stability, balance, clarity, and purpose in your life. You can sustain your personal energy by coming to understand that your energy is dependent on your lifestyle choices. Becoming Daily encourages you to interact with a platform that provides resources that allow you to learn to live a purposeful lifestyle through progressive choices and thinking. 

It is key to know that your environment is always changing. What we do is adapt. Our choice is to survive, our choice to work with what we have, our choice is to make paths towards our dreams. We make choices out of love or fear.  If you ever think you are where you want to be, that is a dangerous place, the environment will change, people will change around you. You need to keep up with change, with conscious choices to keep up with satisfaction, and creativity. Continuously becoming who we want and need to be.

Accept with an open heart that this is an infinite process.


secret path to happy and healthier life of your dreams

This new, modern, holistic platform contains vital information. Becoming Daily is inviting you to tune out of conventional, main-stream, fast-paced way of life and turn to something more true to your Self.


Let's slow down.

Get rid of our chaotic illusions and discover you. Becoming Daily is all about becoming your authentic self. This is the art of selfish selflessness. Discovering roots to problems to articulate solutions through integrative holistic medicine. In order to help others, help the world, and do your work or anything at all; we must first take care of our Self. When we are happy and healthy then we can truly make progressive impacts on others. Becoming Daily reminds us that YOU hold power. Your whole life you have been on the path of Becoming Daily, whether you know it or not. Every thought, word, action or inaction is creating who you are now & whom you are becoming. You must own this. You are responsible for your outcomes. You owe it to yourself to live the life you crave. You deserve all that you imagine and more. Becoming Daily reminds you of your potential & awakens you to the path that you are already walking on. 

Lets open our eyes and our minds. 

It is all as possible as you allow it to be.