.: BE-COM-ING :.

the process of coming to be something

Becoming Daily recognizes there is no time like the present. This moment NOW is a moment we know we have. Becoming Daily is here to positively promote you to wake from your habitual mundane routines, becoming conscious of the choices you choose to understand the realities they create. 

While becoming you, there are millions of choices ahead. We are here to encourage you to be authentically true to you with each decision. Becoming Daily shares a wellness lifestyle you to can participate in though our three outlets of journaling, treasuring, and experiencing. 


 Is a honest place where you can come for integrative holistic wellness care. Featuring free, accessible 

life-changing information. 


Holds one of a kind, hand made creative endeavors from décor to accessories, to herbal remedies for you to experience. There is an opportunity here for you to experience a range of crafts from medicinal powers to up-cycled goods, all having positive progressive intentions and impacts.



Offers natural, alternative, transformative, side-affectless forms of healing. This medicine is integrated with lifestyle choices, behavioral patterns and ultimately rewiring the brain.

The purpose of the Journal, Treasure and Experience is to give you multiple avenues to empower you. To light your fire within and to nourish a relationship with your Self in loving ways you may have never witnessed before.  

Becoming Daily's foundation consist of three pillars influenced by ancient philosophies, sustainable energy and integrative health & holistic healing.



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